what we do

Canine Inspired Change (CIC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving vulnerable youth the social-emotional tools they need to be active participants in their schools—and their communities. Our work helps these remarkable young people transcend trauma, social struggles and isolation by sparking meaningful connections with dogs, volunteers—and each other.

healthy relationships are the foundation for a healthy community

how it works

youth we serve

Everyone deserves to feel safe and seen. We help vulnerable kids break down barriers and learn the social and emotional skills they need to build connections and trust. Our custom programs are designed to nurture their confidence and self-worth—because healthier kids mean healthier communities.

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schools & organizations

Our innovative and successful program focuses on social-emotional learning to give students the tools to better self-regulate—in the classroom and in life. Through customizable sessions, we partner with schools and organizations in the Twin Cities to offer programming that connects with their young learners.

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volunteers & their dogs

Our volunteer team is made of ordinary dog-owners who want to make an impact in their community. It starts with a four-week course designed to train dogs and their humans to become a certified therapy team and prepare them for the unique needs of students.

Do good with your dog

Pawsitive Outcomes

For kids experiencing bullying, the instinct is to shut down and self-protect, but the social buffer of a therapy dog gives them the confidence and protection they need to engage socially. Therapy dog Sharpie gives his bullied student partner the motivation not to self-isolate in a group setting.