Become a CIC-trained dog therapy team.

Do good with your dog

We see the potential in every dog. And every dog’s human. The “heart-opener” moments that you and your dog share can also have an immediate impact on children and young adults who otherwise feel isolated, abandoned and alone. When we create opportunities for youth to grow their confidence and practice radical self-love, we cultivate a deeper sense of compassion and connectedness with our dogs, our communities and ourselves.

Does your dog love people of all ages?
Does your dog like to play (nice!) with other dogs?
Is your dog unafraid and not easily frightened?
Does your dog respond to basic commands and/or is motivated by treats?
Does your dog have Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training or Level 2 obedience skills?*
Does your dog want to leave positive paw print on his/her community?
You're a fit!
Sounds like you'd make a great therapy team! Register for the CIC courses below
Your dog may not be a fit right now.
We strive to create exchanges where kids, adults and their dogs all feel happy and safe. Check out the Canine Coach for obedience classes—then check back with us!

Take the leap

When your dog has received CGC certification or the Level 2 obedience skill set, and you decide it’s time to do some good, here’s what you can expect:

Get certified
Meet for a one-hour class (once a week for four weeks) to learn the CIC curriculum. At the end of four weeks, you’ll participate in an evaluation. When you pass, you can register your dog with CIC!

Join a team
Generally, five therapy dogs (and their humans) head to schools and organizations to work with a small group of students for about an hour each week. Sessions typically last 10 weeks. But like a good chew toy, we’re flexible.

Empower students
At the end of each session, we do jazz hands (just kidding!). But we do show off our tricks in a final performance with students and their new four-pawed pals.


Interested in traditional therapy dog visits?
Interim Healthcare welcomes CIC-certified dogs into its hospice environments. To learn more about traditional therapy dog visits, contact

Pawsitive Outcomes

Most students in the Transition Plus program suffer from severe anxiety, in part because they live in a world that doesn’t understand them. Working one-on-one with a CIC therapy dog and trainer, students begin to experience—sometimes for the first time in their lives—the unconditional love and acceptance that builds courage and self-esteem.

Get certified

Our next four week CIC training session:

Saturday, August, 17th, 24th

Saturday, September, 7th, 14th

9:00am – 10:00am

Location: 30 Demont Ave W, Little Canada, MN 55117


Take a class

Prep For Therapy Dog Class!

Saturday, August, 17th, 24th

Saturday, September, 7th, 14

10:30am – 11:30am

Location: 30 Demont Ave W, Little Canada, MN 55117


Learn new tricks

Coming soon!

Learn new tricks and techniques to enhance your solo therapy dog experience.